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Meet Zuzy 

Planet Zuzy - Anna.jpg

Planet Zuzy is not your average DJ. The multitalented music producer, creative director and entrepreneur began her career in New York City where she studied Recorded Music at the Clive Davis Institute. Whilst quickly dominating the underground house music scene, she also moonlit as a creative director for AITV Agency, Random Games & Sony Music. Planet Zuzy is now based in Las Vegas beginning her Residency at brand new club Voltaire alongside Kylie Minogue, Jellybean Benitez, Christina Aguilera, and Nile Rodgers & CHIC.


Originally born in Poland, the 24-year-old spent most of her childhood moving around the world from Spain, China, to Switzerland & Mexico. Music was the one thing that kept her grounded, from taking on the DJ decks at eight years old, to the piano, guitar, and singing. She recently released her debut single “Higher” as well as a mix of thrilling remixes that have collectively gathered over 3 million streams. Planet Zuzy is still very much a world undiscovered.

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